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IMPORTANT. REMEMBER that Whedonland has a participation rule. Take part in challenges *at least* once every two weeks- even just voting is enough. We've been a little lax about cuts lately, but no more. If you're not participating, YOU WILL BE CUT, and most likely without warnings. It's up to you if you want to continue being a part of our team.

I HAVE JUST CUT 16 PEOPLE. and there are quite a few more people on the edge. If you CANNOT see this post, that means you have been cut. You are welcome to reapply if you can commit to following the community participation rules.

No hard feelings if you are cut or want to leave- just please let us know. Otherwise I feel like a bad guy.

After party post

Because i think the post at my journal will overflow, here is a public post to add additional comments; remember - you have 24 hours to continue to get MOST MEMBERS :D

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Team Fic Challenge

Thanks to those taking part ing the team fic challenge. For the rest of you, come join us!! It's easy you just add two words.

In the next two days, keep looking back to this post. I plan on copying and pasting the whole fic here do we can laugh at enjoy our story. *grins*

Feel free to make any comments here to what you think of the story and whatnot.


On the 4th of December, there was hardly any reason that Mal could give into what he had faught and tried so hard to resist but, he was drunk. Seeing the fuzzy outline of someone coming down the ladder of his bunk, he jumped up and grabbed uselessly at his gun. He frowned and thought that this couldn't be real. He couldn't comprehend how it happened that they were both so naked and why Inara always did seem to catch him without his pants on.

She was walking towards him. Slowly a small smile came to her lips and she said softly, "Mal."

He nodded and said "You're nekkid."
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Huddle over here in the corner

*whispers* Don't make any sudden movements. Let them think they've beaten us down. Maybe if we stay over here in the corner they'll go about their business.

Anyone need anything? Water... horror movie ideas... random gasoline-soaked rags to make into a torch?

We're on day two of Halloween week. Everyone doing okay? Anyone going to any good parties this weekend? Or are you, like me, counting down the days until NaNo starts on the 1st?

Be careful out there. You never know when a clown might strike.
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This is more aimed at going into the next apocalypse, please don't bring up things that may relate to this comm being in early stages this apocalypse, unless you feel it's important thanks.

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